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Nuha Hammad - Peace Bakery & Deli

Before opening Peace Bakery & Deli, Nuha Hammad worked as a school teacher. She’d always had a passion for cooking and enjoyed sharing dishes with friends and family. When her family moved to Austin from Nederland, Texas, Hammad took it as an opportunity to for a fresh start.

However, Nuha wasn’t cavalier about jumping into a new business. She did her homework. “Our first year in Austin really allowed us to research the Mediterranean cuisine here,” she says.

Through her and her husband’s research they found there was a shortage of both quality and authenticity in the Mediterranean options throughout Austin. “There weren’t many businesses that offered fresh, authentic middle eastern cuisine. This was the moment we decided to go for it,” says Hammad.

And go for it they did. Today, Peace Bakery is a must-visit for fresh plates of Mediterranean fare in North Austin, and it holds a certain lore for Austinites who have yet to venture up to their Braker Ln location. The food is fresh, the portions are plentiful and their menu options--particularly sides--are eclectic even within middle eastern cuisine. But getting there wasn’t easy.

“The hardest part of our journey has been the long hours we’ve put in to ensure our products are authentic and fresh,” says Hammad. Proof of this being their established and diverse customer base. Peace Bakery is never empty, and their clientele is a melting pot of Austin, representing every part of the larger community. “The appreciation and relationships we build with our customers make all the hard work worthwhile.”

As for their immediate neighborhood, Nuha is excited. “Our area is growing! There are a number of new businesses relocating or opening and it is becoming a thriving and popular region of Austin.” If the neighborhood thrives as well as Peace Bakery, then there’s good things in store.

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