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The Work of Childhood

Sylvia Edwards - Terra Toys

Owning and managing a toy store is hard work. But it’s all worth it if it’s been a part of your life--your entire life. Sylvia Edwards is of Terra Toys, literally--she was born in the back of the shop started by her parents Romalda and Charles, a painter and woodworker, respectively. She didn’t always think she’d end up where she started. But now, some 40 years later, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sylvia is the oldest of the three Edwards daughters. Her parents started Terra Toys shortly after graduating from UT in 1977. Some of Sylvia’s earliest memories are from the original toy shop on south congress avenue.

“Every night before bed, Dad would take me through the whole store so I could say good night to all the toys, especially the stuffed bears”

The shops origination came from her parents old band saw. Her father started out by designing a small snow cone stand called Camel Cone Kasbah. Later on, Charles started making toys. The hand painted and carved each toy in Terra Toys. “Toys are magical. They cut through a lot of barriers.” says Sylvia, “everyone, no matter what age, religion or culture can appreciate a toy.”

As is often true of the progeny of a small business, she set off to find her own path. She earned BAs in Philosophy and Anthropology from Texas A&M and then entered Law School. The path led her into the career of running and managing multiple businesses.Today she owns and operates not only Terra Toys, but its internal art gallery, clothing store, and espresso bar. Edwards also started KidOshoe in 2010, the same year she started full time at Terra Toys. Toys are timeless but it’s up to us to transmit the culture of play. “Play is the work of childhood,” to quote Fred Rogers, “And I just love running businesses.” It would seem she has found a way to mix plenty of both.

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