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Trish Young Brown - Thinkery

Thinkery is the culmination and evolution of imagination and hard work. A large space devoted to the intellectual curiosity of children, and an invaluable learning and play space for Austin families. As the museum moved from a traveling “museum without walls” in 1983 to its established place in East Austin’s Mueller neighborhood in 2013, Thinkery has seen massive growth.

In 2017, they tapped the leadership needed to run an exploding non-profit of its size. Enter Trish Young Brown, a seasoned leader and executive and Thinkery CEO as of 2017.

“Keeping up with the explosive growth has been a challenge,” says Brown. “But it’s a great problem to have.”

Thinkery’s mission of providing a place to play and learn together is a noble pursuit, and one that serves the entire Austin community at every socioeconomic level. “As our community gets bigger, our level of outreach and our program capacity has to keep pace,” says Brown.

For Brown it’s a rewarding to join positive mission with a passionate team. “It’s such a joyful place full of energy, excitement and inquisitiveness,” says Brown. “I love getting to watch a little child explore an exhibit for the first time and seeing the genuine wonder and delight on their face.”

It’s an integral piece of the Mueller neighborhood, and it serves the larger Austin community. “We have so many wonderful community partners, and we’re delighted to be in the middle of such a vibrant, family-friendly neighborhood,” says Brown.

Ultimately, Thinkery brings people from the larger community together where they can learn and learn from each other. It’s a cultural and educational melting pot that will only make Austin’s future stronger and brighter.

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